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Do you have heel pain in the morning? 

When you take that first step out of bed, do you stumble around a bit? 

When you go for long walks, do your feet hurt?  If you answered yes to all the above, its quite possible that you have plantar fasciitis.  A condition that can give you intense heel pain and if it goes unchecked, you can develop Achilles Tendonitis or heel spurs. 

What is Plantar Fasciitis? 

Plantar Fasciitis is heel pain associated with the thick band of tissue that runs under your foot, from the heel to the toes. Not being able to be comfortable taking a simple walk is debilitating and can lead to other problems such as weight gain, from lack of exercise and depression from halting all your social activities.  

What treats plantar fasciitis best?

My own plantar fasciitis was my introduction to acupuncture, because of this, plantar fasciitis patients are very dear to me.  During high school and college, long distance running was my favorite way to stay in shape. One day, I woke up and stumbled out of bed because I couldn't put my foot down flat on the floor to start walking, I almost fell.  

After being diagnosed by an orthopedist, I was put on powerful anti-inflammatories and given a script for Physical Therapy. Years went by and I never got better. I was working for a public relations firm at the time and a big part of my job was to be on my feet at red carpet events several nights a week.  It was unbearable. 

One day, a friend recommended I try acupuncture. I had tried everything else, stretching, weird socks, ice (which I now know is a big no no) and medications, so I figured why not try the acupuncture? 

It worked. I finally wasn't in severe pain anymore.

I can honestly say from experience, Acupuncture is the best treatment for heel pain because it treats what is causing it and not just treating the symptoms. 

Why plantar fasciitis occurs

Plantar fasciitis happens when your calf muscles start to get tight and you either ignore it or don't really feel it so you don't really think to do anything about it.  People with heel pain may or may not also have lower back pain. When the musculature on the back of the body starts to get tight, it can start to pull on the tendon of the foot and over time, that inflammation gets tough to ignore.  

Can I treat plantar fasciitis myself?

No.  A Trigger point, which is a pathogenic knot causing trouble in a muscle, lies deep within the Soleus Muscle- the muscle responsible for all that heel pain. It's not that cut and dry though, treating Plantar fasciitis often involves treating areas on the lower back and front of the shins for complete relief. 

X marks the troublesome trigger point causing all that pain.

X marks the troublesome trigger point causing all that pain.

You can however, use this ball by FootRubz, to roll your feet on daily. In the morning and night. it's my favorite and goes everywhere with me. NEVER use ice.  My own plantar fasciitis is in remission and I thank acupuncture for that. The massage ball is great, but the most important component in treating plantar fasciitis, is acupuncture.

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